A tiny tribute to Katie

July 29, 2009 15:39 – 15:39

Here’s a chat I just had with Verizon. I’ll bet Katie is smiling proudly at me from her cloud of energy (note what I wrote at 16:24:56). Technically, if we were French, I suppose that ‘ could be a substitute for “vertisement”. However, we’re not French, and ad is now consider a word, not just an abbreviation. So, it’s “ads” for the plural, and you use the apostrophe only if you’re using a contraction, such as “The ad’s not in the paper. Did you call it in?” or a possessive such as “This ad’s font is too small to read!”

Live Chat Window

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. (16:22:32)

Agent Stanley has joined. (16:22:32)

Stanley : Chat ID for this session is 07290921409. (16:22:32)

Stanley(16:22:42): Hello. Thank you for visiting our Verizon chat service. How can I help you place your order?

You(16:22:53): It says FiOS isn’t available yet, so I guess you can’t.

You(16:23:21): They were here installing, and then connecting the fiber… but, I guess the infrastructure isn’t finished yet.

Stanley(16:23:46): It generally is several months at least after the cables are buried before the service becomes available.

You(16:23:59): It has been several months. I don’t know if the info here is fully current… I’m on the list to be notified.

Stanley(16:24:14): The web site is up to date.

Stanley(16:24:30): We will generally come through your neighborhood and leave ad’s on your door once it is available.

You(16:24:56): They left ads (apostrophe not needed)… but they said “Coming soon…”

Stanley(16:25:16): The ads will be specific about the service being now available once it is.

You(16:25:30): Okay. Thanks.

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