The sting

August 1, 2009 12:36 – 12:36

I can’t catch a break… I was hiking in Huntley Meadows this morning, and I suddenly felt this stinging burning on my right hand. I instinctively jerked my hand and brushed it against my shirt. By the time I looked at it, whatever had stung me was gone. Three hours later, I can barely see where it stung me—right ring finger on the top side of the medial phalange (between the knuckle and the next joint down, away from the wrist). But it still hurts like the dickens—sharp pain (like a pin sticking into it) that radiates out. It feels like there’s still part of the stinger in there, irritating a nerve, but I don’t see anything. It’s a little swollen—but just barely noticeable—and that might be why I can’t see the stinger remnant (if there is one). Or, it’s just the residual pain of the sting and venom.

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