Nüvi 775T Product Review—Bluetooth Problems

August 8, 2009 19:25 – 19:25

Having had 3 different Nüvi devices and no Bluetooth connectivity issues with any of them, I did not imagine that it would be a problem with the Nüvi 775T. But it is.

Most aspects of the 775T work flawlessly, as expected. However, pairing it with my Omnia i910 (as well as with my old Samsung i760) has been very difficult. After many hours—including several rounds with phone and email tech support—I was nowhere. Garmin refused to admit that there’s a problem with the unit, and did not give me an RMA number.

Note: if anyone else has successfully and easily paired the 775T with a Samsung Omnia i910, please let me know. That would be sufficient for me to proclaim this particular unit “defective.”

On a fluke, I did finally find a way to get it to pair with my Omnia for partial connectivity (dial only—no phonebook). But, pairing has to be initiated from the Garmin, and the Garmin freezes for three minutes before finally connecting. Unlike with my other Nüvis, reconnection does not occur automatically for me with the 775T. You have the 3-minute manual initiation/freeze/wait each and every time.

With my Nüvi 670, reconnection is automatic and occurs within 10-15 seconds of the devices getting close enough. When I get back into my car after stopping at a rest stop or a restaurant, by the time I have the car started and my seatbelt buckled, it’s connected and ready to roll. The phone book takes a little while longer to show up, but it does.

With the 775T, automation is a thing of the past. And the no-phone book problem puts the most distracting aspect of dialing back onto the driver. (As a work-around, create Favorites for people you call frequently, and edit the Favorite to include their phone number. Not great, but better than nothing.)

Garmin tech support says that a Bluetooth update for the 775T will be coming out soon. I don’t know if that’s true, or if it’s BS designed to make me wait until it’s too late to return the unit, which I bought through Amazon from ElectronicaDirect (don’t buy from them ElectronicaDirect if you think that ordering mid-day with “expedited” shipping means you’ll get the item tomorrow—expedited shipping cost me $20 and still took 5 days to receive the item).

My other major gripe with the 775T is the fact that when you turn it off and back on, it loses your route. This can be a major pain, particularly if you have several via points.

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