From Billerica to Biddeford, via Poland Springs

September 28, 2009 22:31 – 22:31

The drive from Billerica to Biddeford is only about 90 miles, so we decided to drive a bit west and north first. We drove around Lake Sebago and up to Poland Springs, and then headed down to Biddeford. First, though, since it was already after noon, we stopped at a Stop & Shop in Amesbury and picked up some picnic supplies. We picnicked at Moseley Woods Park, which is a beautiful piney park just across the town line in Newburyport. It overlooks the Merrimack River.

After our picnic, we headed up through New Hampshire to Maine. We stopped in Naples to take some pictures of where Songo River meets Brandy Pond, and a few of the local attractions. Here I am with the mayor.

Across the street is where the Songo River Queen II docks. Apparently, it uses premium kosher hot dogs and sausages as fuel.

Below, I liked the way the colors reflected in the river.

If you’re up for a cruise, here’s their schedule.

It’s about a 20 minute drive from there to Poland Springs. You might have seen their water in the supermarkets.

I didn’t actually recognize the name, but I sure as heck recognized the logo when I saw it.

The Maine State Building—built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair—is also there. They relocated it after the fair—they brought it in by train and ox cart, and reassembled it. It’s now mostly an art museum—unfortunately, closed on Mondays.

There’s a traffic island just to the right of the Building, where they have a lovely collection of flowers.

That’s my Jetta parked off to the side. The place was deserted. So, I didn’t get run over when I decided to take a few close-ups.

Across the road is All Souls Chapel. No, it’s not UU. It’s ecumenical.

After exhausting the sights in Poland Springs, we hit the road for Biddeford. For dinner, we hit our favorite pizza spot—Alex’s. They don’t serve beer there, though, so we did our customary carryout, and brought it back to the Comfort Suites, where we teamed it up with some Corona Light. Not a bad repast. Because I need to watch the carbs, though, it was with some sadness that I ate mostly toppings—cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms—eschewing most of Alex’s famous and delicious crust.

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