Thursday, October 1—Belfast to Skowhegan, and back

October 1, 2009 22:18 – 22:18

This morning, we decided to drive to Skowhegan, via Waterville. In Waterville, we visited the art museum at Colby College. They have a very extensive, if eclectic, collection that includes the likes of Georgia O’Keeffe. No pictures there. However, we did see a couple of interesting sights around Waterville. I usually check with the Garmin to see if there are UU churches in cities we visit. The UU church in Waterville is on the National Register of Historic Places, and was built in 1832.


Across the street from the church is a beautiful Victorian house.

Apparently, some of the town’s residents get a little wild when asserting their 2nd amendment rights.

I guess they don’t left turns.

But, seriously, my theory is that there’s a lot of wind there, and the holds keep the signs from flapping too much.

In Skowhegan, we visited the Margaret Chase Smith Library and Museum. MCS was the first woman to be a U.S. Senator in the U.S. She was also quite a principled person—she was thrown off of McCarthy’s witch-hunting HUAC because she had a conscience. We’d all be better off if the current Senate followed her creed. I didn’t take pictures there, but I did take a picture of the mayor of Skowhegan.

After Skowhegan, we drove back to Belfast. We stopped in at Young’s Lobster Pound, and picked up a pound of lobster (oddly enough) to have for dinner. We also stopped in at the Belfast Co-op, where we bought some cultured butter and assorted veggies to go with the lobster… which was all good.

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