Tuesday, September 29th—Biddeford to Belfast

October 1, 2009 19:54 – 19:54

On Tuesday, we drove from Biddeford to Belfast—the long route, coming up around Lake Sebago. We stopped at the Maines’ Audubon headquarters—Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Yarmouth, Maine. It’s a beautiful wooded site with lots of trees suitable for climbing. Climbing isn’t consistent with my health insurance, so I declined. But, it was tempting.

Below, the things that look like bars are actually slats. They’re angled so that sunlight gets through in the winter, but is blocked in the summer when the sun is at a higher angle. I wonder how much energy the world could save if all buildings were designed intelligently.

There were lots of pretty flowers decorating the grounds.

Leaving the Audubon center, we next headed for Yarmouth’s Royal River Park, where there were supposed to be some waterfalls. The moment we stepped out of the car, we heard roaring falls—which I at first mistook for the wind.

This duck seems completely unfazed by the thundering falls that are just a few meters away.

Here’s my traveling companion, posing next to the Royal River.

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