Wednesday, September 30th—Belfast and Boothbay

October 1, 2009 21:46 – 21:46

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk around Belfast to see a few of the sights close to the house we’re renting. Here’s what I saw along the way.

East meets west…

There are a lot of interesting choices of house colors.

There’s an interesting-looking Episcopal church across the street from our rental house.

After lunch at Darby’s, we drove to Boothbay to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. It reminded me a bit of Butchart Gardens near Victoria, in British Columbia. Here’s a sampling.

There are a bunch of animal sculptures that dot the landscape. They’re by Wendy Klemperer. They’re made out of salvaged rusted iron rods that are used to reinforce concrete.

This guy was really stoned.

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