Margarita’s Cantina—Soso.

October 3, 2009 20:23 – 20:23

We’re at the Binghamton Comfort Inn, in NY. It’s an older property, but seems to be okay. One oddity, however, is that the public restrooms downstairs require keycards to access. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the safety & security of the motel.

For dinner, we decided on Margarita’s Mexican Grill, which is a regional chain. We ate at a franchise in Portland, Maine a while back, and it was excellent.

Except… that there’s Margarita’s Cantina, which is just up the road from the hotel, and a lot closer than MMG. We decided to eat at MC. It turns out that they used to own both locations, but that the Mexican Grill location (in Endicott City) is now closed. So, it’s a good thing we didn’t go there. Margarita’s Cantina is okay, but if we lived here, we would keep on looking. Karen says that if she lived here, she’d commit suicide. I reminded her of the line from A Chorus Line and she agreed about the redundancy.

Karen had the carnitas, which to me tasted more like pulled pork BBQ than a Mexican entrée. It was supposed to be pork tips, and instead was shredded pork. I had the carne asada, which they misspelled azada. It was cooked perfectly, and the black beans were good (hard to screw those up), but the pico de gallo was decidedly subpar, as was the salsa. My food could have been about 50 degrees warmer, too. I tasted a few small pieces of the chips, which were heavily salted. Enough said.

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