Home to Maumee

December 26, 2009 21:20 – 21:20

We’re at the Homewood Suites in Maumee, Ohio. We left home at about 9:30, and arrived in Maumee just after 18:30. The trip was about 9 hours, and just under 500 miles—less than a full tank of diesel. Thank you Jetta, TDI.

We hit a lot of slow traffic on I270 and I70, but the knots got untied about 10 miles south of the I68 exit. So, we decided to come up via Breezewood. It took about 3 hours to get from home to Breezewood, but after that, traffic moved well.

It was rainy and dreary until after Somerset. Shortly after Somerset, it was as if someone turned off the faucet and slowly turned on the sunshine. It’s cloudy here now, with a chance of snow showers overnight. But, it doesn’t look like we’ll have to do a lot of digging out in the morning. At the moment, it’s 33 and cloudy.

We had dinner at Smokey Bones. We went to the one in Woodbridge a while back. I had the ribs. They’re okay, but not nearly as good as Rocklands’.

Nine hours of driving tends to wear me out. I hope I’m able to sleep as much as my body thinks it’s going to sleep tonight. I’m glad were just a few miles from Karen’s cousin’s house so we don’t have get up & drive an hour tomorrow morning.

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