Mostly Columbus, Indiana

December 29, 2009 22:38 – 22:38

We’re at the Country Inn & Suites in Sharonville, OH, just outside Cincinnati. We dined at Skyline Chili (okay, but not stellar). I’d put Tony Packo’s chili at 8 on a scale of 1 to 10–Skyline comes in at about a 3. Hard Times gets a 9. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a 10 in a restaurant.

We had a whirlwind photo tour of Columbus, Indiana today. I’m not sure what all the pictures we took were—I’ll have to ask Karen, who did the research and fed me the addresses for our Garmin. While there, we had lunch at TC’s Memphis BBQ, which had been closed last night when we tried to have dinner there. We should’ve read that as an omen.

TC’s is decidedly so-so. We go there shortly after 1 pm. I ordered a two-meat platter with pulled pork and rib tips. The rib tips weren’t ready. Excuse me? Aren’t you open for lunch? Anyway, I substituted “I have some ribs ready” for the tips. Of course they were ready. They’d been ready since last night, I’m guessing. They were definitely reheated, and not fresh. The pulled pork was dry and hard to chew. The green beans were way too salty. Yes. I’m hard to please. But, I expected a lot better from the “top rated BBQ in Columbus, Indiana.”

On the way to Columbus, we paused in Piqua, Ohio to take a look at the Ft. Piqua Hotel, which is now a library. It’s famous for all of the faces that are carved into its façade.

We spent last night in Columbus, then headed for the visitors’ center this morning. We came to see the building. They have a driving tour that takes you past 71 remarkable building. We didn’t see all of them, but we saw quite a few. Here are some.

These are some of the colorful bike racks that are on the grounds of the visitors’ center.

And, here’s a random weird guy standing at the side of the library.

We poked our noses into the library, which itself is quite an attraction, with high ceilings that are an aesthetic treat.

I’ve never regarded ice melt as a propellant. Someone will need to explain that to some arsonists I know. I think there are better ways to remove snow & ice than to set the town on fire. I’m just sayin’…

It was about 12:20.

Although, this clock didn’t agree. The First Christian Church apparently has its own notion of time.

The garden was closed for the season.

Oh, well…

The Columbus Inn was once City Hall.

Here we are next to the main source of employment in Columbus—the Cummins Engine factor.

How much is that doggy in the window?

The same shop juxtaposed a mannequin in a tux and some penguins. They’re hard to make out because of reflections.

This fire station was designed by a female architect.

The court house has a memorial adjacent to it.

Nearby, there’s a bridge that we used several times while we were there.

Karen says she doesn’t see the face in this sculpture. Do you?

Many of the buildings use reflective surfaces to increase visual complexity.

Here’s their Cent l Fire Station. Anybody got a spare art deco “RA”?

I’ve forgotten which church this was.

But, it has a bell.

There’s an interesting looking school house that has a pond and fountain that are dry for the season.

Ignoring the sign…

The building has a guard, who was watching us like a hawk!

We set a target time of 4 pm for leaving Columbus, but got delayed a little looking for some bears in Donner Park. Bears? Yes.

After three days of snow, salt, and ice, my Jetta TDI was pretty filthy. So, I got it washed at the Sparkle Car wash, and we hit the road for Ohio.

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