Around Palm Coast

February 7, 2010 23:39 – 23:39

Yesterday, we drove from Savannah, GA to Palm Coast Florida, via Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine. I posted pictures on Facebook. Among our more interesting discoveries is that Zaxby’s has hot chicken wings that are way too salty, but has a grilled chicken Caesar salad that is top notch. For dinner yesterday, we went to O’Steen’s for their world famous fried shrimp. They’re good, but not the best we’ve had. Hingham Lobster Pound’s are still the winners for places still in business, and Drunken Jack’s easily beat out O’Steen’s. But, still, they were pretty darn good. The best I ever had came from the Peter Pan restaurant in Urbana, MD… but they stopped serving them in the 1960s.

Last night & tonight, we’re at the Fairfield Inn & Suites. We’ve never stayed at Fairfield before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Their weekend breakfast hours suck (7 to 9, and very crowded due to reduced hours). But, that’s okay—their high-carb offerings weren’t to my liking in any case. I had some of my own low-carb light Activa yogurt from our ice chest.

Today was cooler than yesterday—highs in the 50s. It was pretty cloudy most of the day, but the sun began to peek through after about 4 pm… just in time to set.

Today, we got a late start, had a quick lunch at Subway, and then went to Washington Oaks Garden State Park, near Palm Coast, which is where we’re staying, at the Fairfield Inn & Suites.

I posted pictures a-plenty on Facebook. After leaving there, we headed immediately for the Bulow Planation Sugar Mill Ruins. Bulow was a sugar plantation. The sugar mill stands in ruins, and it reminded both Karen & me of ancient church ruins in England & Scotland. I posted more pictures on Facebook, but here are a few for context.

While there, I heard a sound in the brush. It was a friendly local armadillo!

For dinner, we’d planned on going to La Piazza Café. But, they closed early because of some football game or something like that. So, we went to Golden Corral, instead. Their food is always good, but I think I ate too much.

Tomorrow, we’re heading down to the Cape Canaveral area… hoping to see a launch the morning of the 9th, assuming it doesn’t get scrubbed. There was a launch scheduled for 4:59 this morning, but it was postponed until tomorrow morning… about 4:15 am. I suspect that we’ll sleep through it. The one on the 9th is between 10 and11 am, so we stand better chance of being awake for that one. Speaking of awake… I’m going to post this without proofing carefully because I’m very sleepy. I’ll worry about typos tomorrow.


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