Singing Bamboo in West Palm Beach—Off Key

February 12, 2010 21:37 – 21:37

There were really good reviews of Singing Bamboo on the Internet. But, I’m singing a different tune. Karen ordered beef Hunan style. It was bland—no spiciness at all. Are they afraid to actually make those asterisks mean anything? It was decidedly lackluster, and the broccoli was overcooked.

I ordered scallops & shrimp with “hot” garlic sauce. Actually, I ordered scallops and shrimp Hunan style, but they brought the other dish instead. I’m not sure what “Hunan Combinations” meant in their menu. Again, the food was very bland—with an almost-medicinal flavor to it. There was no hint of heat, and the shrimp was cooked to within an inch of its life. The scallops had been thin-sliced for some reason, and they, too, were overcooked.

The shrimp rolls were so-so—kind of greasy and not at all crispy. The fried chicken wings had no crispiness at all, but were otherwise flavorful. Unfortunately, they had fried rice rather than white or brown, and it, too, wasn’t worth the calories.

All in all, if you’re looking for good Chinese food in the West Palm Beach area… let me know if you find any. Maybe Singing Bamboo was having an off night. However, since it’s Friday night, I would think they’d have their better cooks on duty, not taking a breather. For whatever the reason, Singing Bamboo was definitely flat.

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