Brunswick to Rocky Mount

February 14, 2010 21:37 – 21:37

We’re at the Comfort Inn in Rocky Mount. After a nice dinner at Chico’s, we settled in for the fastest internet of our trip—over 9Mbps up and down! Not as fast as at home, but pretty damn good.

The drive from Brunswick to Rocky Mount was uneventful—fortunately. We’re listening to “Dead to Rights” by J.A. Jance, and enjoying it. I’m also listening to Kay Hooper’s “Chill of Fear,” when Karen dozes off. It’s about the FBI’s psychic unit… which I’m assuming doesn’t exist. I’m enjoying the book, and perhaps I’ll do some research to see if any of it is based on reality. A few quick Google searches, however, suggest that it’s pure fiction.

Karen & I ate at Chico’s for Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t planned on having dinner & drinks for under $30, but that’s how it worked out. I had beef fajitas, and Karen had the Toro el Bravo-which included a mini burrito, a mini soft taco, and a mini-something else–all beef. Two had shredded beef–and lots of it, and the other had ground beef. All of her main items and my fajitas were delicious.

Their salsa is especially good, and their XX on draft was nice and cold. The bill came to a little over $28 for the two of us, and with tip, the night cost just $33.

My only complaints would be that the chips were a little overdone, and they use refried beans rather than actual beans. We’ll definitely eat there again the next time we stay in Rocky Mount. Karen’s also came with dessert—fried ice cream, but I’m not factoring it into my review since it wasn’t a main course item. Karen thought it was okay, but I find the whole concept and the implementation revolting. Ice cream requires chocolate and nuts. The coating around the ice cream did not endear itself to either of us, but Karen wasn’t as revolted as I was. For me, the only acceptable dessert for Mexican food is sopapillas, but I’m not doing dessert these days, so I didn’t get a chance to assess their sopapillas—I didn’t even notice if they were on the menu.

Tomorrow, we make the last leg of our journey to home. I’m hoping we don’t encounter icy roads on the way. Happy Presidents’ Day weekend! By the way, officially, tomorrow’s federal holiday is called “Washington’s Birthday,” not Presidents’ Day, since that’s what it’s called in the U.S. Code. See for their justification. Of course, GW’s actual birthday is February 22, but who’s counting?

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