Spokane Valley to Portland

July 1, 2010 23:18 – 23:18

I drove from Spokane Valley to Portland today, and am now safely ensconced with my honey at the Hilton. Unfortunately, they charge $9.95/day for the internet, and that’s PER computer. Oh, well. That’s less than we occasionally had to pay when we were in Europe. And, it’s slightly faster than T1.

The trip was pretty uneventful—lots of pretty scenery, particularly coming thought the Lake Umatilla and Columbia River areas. In Lake Umatilla, there’s something called Crow Butte State Park. Okay kids, it’s spelled Butte, not Butt.

Through the Columbia River valley, it was beautiful… but about 50 miles east of Portland, I ran into construction. Logically, traffic should have slowed to about 45MPH. But, instead, it slowed to 5 to 10 MPH, and sometimes sat completely still. So, instead of getting to downtown Portland at 4:30 slightly ahead of rush hour, I got here at 5:45, in the middle of rush how. Even so, Portland’s rush hour isn’t nearly as bad as DC’s.

Our plan is to check out of the Hilton tomorrow morning, see a little bit of western Oregon, and then begin the trek east.

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