Portland to Boisé

July 3, 2010 23:42 – 23:42

We’re in Boise, Idaho, at the Comfort Suites, Airport location. It’s a fairly new hotel, and therefore clean and bright. The internets are a par slow for the course, however. We’ve come to understand that “high speed” is relative. The speed is high speed relative to dialup, but not compared to FiOS, and not even when compared to standard DSL. I won’t be doing a lot of bandwidth-intensive stuff.

Today, we drove from near Portland to Boisé, as the French named it (because of the trees). The ride was mostly uneventful because I checked with AAA to find an alternative to I-84, which had delays of 1-2 hours. So, our first 50 miles or so were spent on Washington’s SR-14, which parallels the I-84 on the other side of the Columbia River. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the state route sign—it uses a silhouette of George Washington as the backdrop. The views along the Columbia River and Lake Umatilla are breathtaking. Unfortunately, I was taking breaths, not pictures.

We began the day by driving back into Portland to see the First Unitarian Church—where Bill Sinkford is now the senior minister. As you can see, it’s huge! It covers most of a city block.

According to uua.org, their membership is 1,050. With Sinkford at the helm, I expect it to grow—but I hope it’s not at the expense of other local UU churches.

Unfortunately, Karen seems to have acquired a virus of some kind at the Westerns in Portland. She’s pushing vitamin C and zinc—I hope she doesn’t get any worse. Depending on how she feels tomorrow morning, we might visit the Boise UU church, which has a 10 am service. That would mean, however, getting the car packed and out of here by 9:30… which is a tall order for this branch of the Tyson family, particularly when one of us is under the weather (and beautiful weather it is—a clear sunny day today with temperatures in the 50, 60, and 70s).

For lunch today, we stopped at a little place called Little Viking Drive-In. To begin with, it’s not a drive-in. Karen had a grilled ham & cheese on wheat. It was passably good. I had fish & chips—hot & crisp fish, but the breading ratio was way too high, and the cod was almost certainly frozen many weeks ago. It was okay, but it gave me heartburn an hour or two later.

For dinner tonight, when we were 20 minutes away from Boise, we called the Casanova Pizzeria to order pizza & salad for dinner. A little bit of internet research en route, courtesy of Karen’s Droid, told us that Casanova was supposed to have excellent pizza, cooked in a wood-fired oven. The reviews were right on target! It was some of the best road pizza I’ve had. Alex of Biddeford, Maine, still wins the prize, but Casanova definitely goes onto my top 12 list. (Note to self: make a top 12 list.)

I just now had the unpleasant surprise of learning that contrary to what my computer says, it’s really 10:35 pm, not 9:35 pm. <sigh> I hate time shifts. Tomorrow will be a shorter drive, hopefully with some interesting scenery as we go through western Utah to SLC. Karen’s due to fly to Dulles on Monday.

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