Thai Square

August 1, 2010 14:51 – 14:51

Karen & I decided to try a Thai restaurant in Gaithersburg for lunch today. Alas. When I called to verify their openness & hours, the phone was answered with just air after 3 rings. Strike one.

So, we next decided to try Tara Thai in Arlington. We didn’t bother to call to verify openness. There was a parking space right in front! Perfect. Not so perfect was the fact that no lights were on and the chairs were neatly sitting atop the tables. Turns out that it’s not open for lunch on Sundays. Strike two.

So, I asked my Garmin to show me other Asian offerings with Thai in their names, and Thai Square appeared on the list. Karen recalled having read good things about it. So, I called to verify that they were open, and they were! So, off to Thai Square we went. No strike three!

Thai Square is the real deal. Tom Sietsema says it “might be the best Thai cooking in the area.” Tom might just be right. It’s not quite as sublime as Tarntip Thai in Fredericksburg or the wonderful Thai restaurant where we dined with fellow UUs in Minneapolis during GA, but those aren’t “in the area,” so they don’t count.

We started with an order of the crispy spring rolls. They were top notch. Actually, what came first was the cabernet sauvignon, which sells for a mere $3.95 per glass. I didn’t see what kind it was, but it tasted French and had definitely seen the inside of French oak barrels on its journey from grape to glass. It was smooth and complemented the spring rolls and entrees perfectly.

For entrees, Karen ordered seafood—I was tempted by it, too. She had the Pad Gra Prow Talay, which is shrimp, scallops, and squid sautéed with fresh chili peppers, mushrooms, and basil leaves. It was yummy!

I ordered the Nua Padprick Kraprao, which is beef sautéed with chili peppers and basil leaves. Both entrees were excellent.

Thai Square goes onto our “repeat business” list.

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