Quick Cooler Bag Review

October 14, 2010 17:19 – 17:19

The problem with zippered “cooler bags” folks use here instead of ice chests… is that they aren’t waterproof. They leak. And not just a little. As a result, the bottom of the trunk of the car was soaked. And, I was using two—one zipped inside the other. Both leaked like sieves. They’re insulated, sort of, with this metallic material. So, they do keep things cooler than a paper sack might. But, they aren’t a great substitute for ice chests.

Fortunately, I was able to remove the trunk liner from the car and set it inside to dry. So, all is well. I’ve also now learned that to use the cooler bags with ice, you need to put the ice into zip lock bags. Ice chests are much better–and they keep the ice cold/frozen longer, too.

What’s a cooler bag? Here’s one. I put my Nuvi next to it for size comparison.

So, to summarize… if you need to use one, put your ice into a ziplocked bag. Otherwise, expect water to leak as the ice melts. This one cost €4.50 in the Dublin area, so they’re cheap enough. But, you’ll need to take measures to protect its surroundings.

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