Last Day in West Palm Beach

December 31, 2010 20:47 – 20:47

Well, it’s finally acting like Florida, weather-wise. It was in the low 80s today—our last full day in Florida. That’s not too terribly oppressive, unless of course you spend two hours walking in the hot sun… which is what I did while Karen was at the Norton Museum of Art.

(I’m getting worried about the power. It hiccupped/flickered three times between 6 and 6:30. There are no storms or heavy wind. I hope we don’t end up with a blackout for New Year’s Eve.)

After the Norton, we decided to head to Tacos al Carbón in Lake Worth for lunch. Last year when we were here, here’s what I wrote:

I’d read that they had amazingly good & cheap Mexican food. They do! I had a shredded beef taco and a steak burrito. Karen had two tacos—one beef and one pork. We’re putting TaC onto our “go there again anytime we’re anywhere close to Lake Worth” list.

Okay. I’m taking them off my list. I had two a la carte tacos—one carne asada and the other with shredded beef—and a burrito with carne asada. They were all very boring. Karen’s two tacos were also boring. Their salsa was green (apparently not from cilantro or jalapeños) and was salty. Their chips were burned (and they charge $2.50 for chips & salsa). Either the quality there is very variable or they’ve gone downhill.

After lunch, I mentioned that in all the times I’ve been to Florida (maybe 30 times or more), I’ve never actually seen Lake Okeechobee. I’ve tried to see it a number of times, but never found a way past the levees to actually see the lake. So, I studied the map and determined that there might be a way to see the lake in Pahokee. We drove to Pahokee and presto! We did get to see the lake. Mind you… this was by ignoring a no left turn sign and entering a KOA that seems to be occupying what my map said is Pahokee State Park. Oh, by the way, on our way, we passed this:

And just how can we be sure we’re not back in Virginia, the open carry state? Here’s how:

No. Not the palm trees—the sign. Not big enough to read? Okay—I’ll blow it up for you:

Okay, then. I won’t be swimming in Lake Okeechobee.

After visiting the lake, we decided to drive through Belle Glade (which doesn’t live up to its name) before heading back to WPB. Note to self: never get stranded in Belle Glade. On the way back to WPB, I decided to stop by the Havana Restaurant where I’d seen some tempting-looking guava turnovers, and bought one for 91 cents. It cost me 91 cents to learn that I do not like guava turnovers, and that just because something looks like cherries does not mean it tastes like cherries. I’ll have to buy a guava and see if I like it unadorned.

For dinner tonight, we went with our usual New Year’s Eve theme—Asian food. We were torn between Grand China and Thai Bay. We chose the latter. We shared steamed dumplings and spring rolls for appetizers. Karen really liked the dumplings and the sauces. I thought both tasted too much of molasses. The spring rolls were okay, but just okay. After Taste of Saigon’s spring rolls, nothing else comes close. For an entrée, Karen had scallops Pad Si-Ew, and I had beef Pad Khe-Mou. They were very similar, except that mine was a bit spicier. Not as spicy as Thai Nakorn, mind you. They were actually both very good for someplace so far from Thailand.

Tonight’s our last night in Grandview. Never heard of it? Here—have a sign!

Not big enough to read? Okay, I’ll blow it up for you.

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