January 3, 2011 08:34 – 08:34

Sarcasm (n.) – the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.
On the road, Karen & I listened to Kyril Bonfiglioli’s book, Don’t Point that Thing at Me. It’s one of the most wit-filled books I’ve ever listened to, and is quite reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse’s (Jeeves) writing. The main character is Charlie Mordecai, a decidedly British “art dealer” who spends much of his time on the wrong side of the law. After being brutally manhandled by mentally challenged deputies in New Mexico, Charlie struggles briefly to conjure an insult that will be both satisfying and not well comprehended by the most evil deputy as they are parting company. Finally, he says “Your mother and father met exactly once, and funds were exchanged… probably a dime.”

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