Top’s China Goes to the Top of Our List

January 22, 2011 20:26 – 20:26

Top’s China
Chinese Restaurant

8727-B Cooper Rd.
Alexandria, Virginia 22309

We just had the most wonderful dinner from Top’s China. We had never gotten food from them before, and we weren’t expecting much. But, the food was absolutely delicious—almost as good as House of Dynasty, and in some ways, as good. And, in one important way, better—Top’s delivers! At least as far as where we live, which is right behind Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church. So, if you live anywhere between us and Woodlawn, chances are excellent that Top’s will deliver to you.

We ordered a variety, as we frequently do when ordering Chinese food. Thus, if one dish isn’t very good, we have alternatives. Also, since we’d never tried them, we wanted to sample a variety to see what’s good and what’s not. And then, there’s the matter of lunch leftovers.

We started with soup. Karen had chicken corn soup, and I had hot & sour soup. Both were wonderful. In fact, their hot & sour soup is the best I’ve had in the DC area since Shangri La closed many years ago.

Next, we sampled their fried jumbo shrimp and spring rolls. The spring rolls were definitely the weakest item we ordered. The fried shrimp, however, were out of this world! Super fresh and perfectly fried—still hot and crisp when they were delivered. They’re competitive with Hingham Lobster Pound’s up in Massachusetts. And, Top’s delivers. They also have fried scallops and fried fish. We’ll have to try them just for seafood sometime.

For main courses, I ordered the Hunan Triple Delight—chicken, beef, and shrimp, in a rich tangy sauce with a nice bite to it, with snow peas, broccoli, and green peppers in a luscious supporting cast.

Karen order the beef mei fun. She misread the menu, though, and thought she was ordering the wide flat noodles. Instead, these are thin rice noodles. The dish was very good, though, and the beef was super tender. (It doesn’t appear that they even have the wide flat noodles.)

For a sampler dish, we ordered the combination lo mein—which has chicken, beef, and shrimp. It was excellent—next time, though, we’ll ask them to make it a little spicy.

They also threw in an order of General Tso Chicken. It was superb—very tangy and cooked to perfection. Although, the broccoli under it was the one part of the meal that was overcooked.

We definitely will become repeat customers. We like their neighbor’s food—Thai Nakorn. But Thai Nakorn doesn’t deliver. So, the next time we’re feeling like having someone bring us Chinese food, Top’s goes to the top of our list, replacing Magic Wok. The latter’s food is good, but Top’s blows it away.

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