Two UU Churches near San Diego

July 8, 2011 22:26 – 22:26

When we’re traveling, we like to visit other UU churches. Usually, we just drive up, get out, and snap a few pictures. Today, at the Summit UU Fellowship in Santee, California, shortly after we began snapping pictures, the Church Administrator—Linda—came out to greet us. She even gave us a tour!

What first got our attention is where the church is and what it used to be. Does this look like a strip mall?

Yep. It’s a strip mall. At first, they rented just enough space for a fellowship hall. But, after some serious growth, they bought the rest of the mall and converted it into offices, RE classrooms, and a nice sanctuary. Oh… and the salon out in the parking lot? It’s still called “The Salon”, but it serves as their social/community hall.

In the sanctuary, the children’s RE classes put together a series of tapestries celebrating our seven UU principles.

Other art celebrates peace.

Oh, and they’ve chosen a name for their RE program that I wish other UU churches would adopt. Religious Exploration is so much more descriptive of what we do than religious education or lifespan spiritual growth (which sounds like something you might need to have surgically removed).

And, like MVUC, they also have a peace pole.

Seeking peace. Welcoming all.

Open Minds, Loving Hearts, and Helping Hands. That just about wraps it up.

Upon leaving Santee, we set a course for Solana Beach, California, about forty minute to the northwest. There, we found the UU Fellowship of San Dieguito. At 239 members, it’s not quite twice as large as Summit. San Dieguito’s main building took two stitched pictures to capture:

The terraced campus extends way up the hill, where there are a number of additional buildings, as well as a shaded sitting area. Adjacent to the church is a Montessori school.

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