From North Andover to Augusta

September 19, 2011 08:54 – 08:54

We’re in August, Maine, at the Fairfield Inn & Suites. We have a regular room, rather than a suite. It’s comfortable, albeit not spacious. We’ve decided to spend another night here, and head over into Canada sometime tomorrow.

We began yesterday by attending the First Religious Society (UU) of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Every other UU church we’ve visited has been welcoming, friendly, and curious about visitors. There was none of that at FRS. We stopped at the greeting table, where we were greeted. But, after saying we were visiting from MVUC in Virginia, there seemed to be no curiosity or interest. I thought, okay… we don’t have questions about UUism, so there’s no need to press. But, inside the sanctuary, while people were happily engaged in conversation with each other, nobody turned and introduced themselves. After a very nice service, we went to the Parish Hall for coffee, and picked up a couple of silver-colored mugs to signify we were visitors. Neither the mugs nor the visitor name tags attracted so much as a “Hello”. I did receive one query… it was “Do you know where we put these?” from a woman looking to see where to put her empty coffee cup.

Listen up FRS. Yes, you have a decent size congregation. But, if you want visitors to feel welcome, you’ve got work to do.

After church, we headed up the road to Biddeford, where we had lunch at Pizza by Alex—my favorite place for pizza anywhere. It lived up to our fond memories. If you want beer with your pizza, then you’ll need to go elsewhere. Either that, or do carryout. We were content with soft drinks, especially given that we had more driving to do.

After lunch, we headed back down the coast to the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. We’ve been there before, but they have interesting outdoor sculptures, as well as changing exhibits inside. No photography inside, but I did stroll around the grounds until I felt at home.

After the OMAA, we set a course for the Swinging Bridge, in Brunswick, Maine. It was built so that workers could move afoot between Brunswick and Topsham, across the Androscoggin River. The bridge was recently refurbished. It took a fair bit of searching, but we finally found it.

There were beautiful views from the bridge, particularly nice as sunset was approaching.

I’ll have to see if I can find out what kind of birds there were. They would sit for a moment on the branches of trees on the short, then swoop and dive, possibly for flying insects. My guess would be some kind of swallow, since the behavior is similar.

After the bridge, it was well after 6 pm, so we decided to head up the road for Red’s Eats, in Wiscasset, and then to the hotel. The line at Red’s wasn’t awfully long—for once. After a 5 minute wait in line and a 15 minute wait after ordering, we found ourselves chowing down on the best and largest lobster rolls anywhere—served with hot drawn butter. Mayo is also a choice, but please! Mayo? I guess it takes all kinds.

After dinner, we headed up to Augusta, to the Fairfield Inn & Suites. Where we are now. And as 10 am approaches, I guess it’s time for us to get ready to head out to see what we can see. On the agenda are an apple orchard and other stuff. I’m sure this has plenty of typos, but I don’t feel like proofing right now. I’ll fix any errors later.

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