From Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island

September 26, 2011 08:07 – 08:07

On Saturday—on our way from Boutilier’s Point to Halifax, we decided to come up the lighthouse trail and to hit Peggy’s Cove once again. We’ve done it before, but it’s always majestic. On Saturday, it was drizzling majestically, so we decided not to brave the slippery-when-wet rocks. Others did, and some fell. Here’s a picture of some who didn’t fall.

And here’s the obligatory picture of the lighthouse:

We stopped for lunch at Phil’s, on Quinpool. Karen had the seafood combo platter, and I had the haddock fish & salad. It was all very yummy.

We spent Saturday night at the Quality Inn in Halifax, and then went to the service at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax on Sunday morning. “Seven generations” old, this UU church does indeed swap the U’s. I counted at least 90 people in the historic house at the beginning of the service (including children and RE teachers). The congregation seems mostly over age 60, but I was glad to see at least 10 I would call young adults—with about 10 children.

Unlike our visit to the UU church in North Andover last Sunday, we were definitely made to feel welcome in Halifax. The service was largely about atonement, with a nice selection of hymns. One hymn, #193 “Our Faith is But a Single Gem”, I think was sung at double-time. I was astonished that the congregation kept up—they’re vocally agile. UUCH is in their third year of a search for a settled minister. The Rev. Frances Dearman is the current interim minister, and has been with them since March 2011. She mentioned and quoted Paula Cole Jones, who will be facilitating an ADORE (A Dialog on Racial Equity) session at MVUC tonight.

After church, we tried to find a chipper we’d passed a few times (for fish & chips), but ultimately gave up, and settled on a Subway in Bedford. Suitable subbed, we next set a course for Prince Edward Island.

We’ve rented a house named White Sails Cottage. We’ll be here through Thursday, whereupon we’ll begin our slow re-entry and descent back into the land of never-ending primaries. Here are a couple of pictures of the exterior.

We’re here:

At the end of the road is part of the PEI National Park. Here are some of the views from our driveway.

And here’s our living room:

Today, we’ll do a little shopping and a lot of exploring. We’ve been to PEI many times before, but there’s always sometime fun & new to do. This is by far the most complete cottage we’ve ever rented here. The only thing it’s missing is A/C (it was a very muggy 80 here yesterday, and we could have used it—we’re both wimps when it comes to hot weather). But, with forecast highs and lows in the 60s and 40s for the rest of our time here, it should do nicely. And, it’s nice and sunny.

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