No climbing on cow.

September 29, 2011 07:21 – 07:21

Before lunch yesterday, I took a short 10k walk through the neighborhood. Almost immediately, I happened upon a fox—two doors down from our cottage. It didn’t seem rabid, but it didn’t seem skittish, either. Apparently, people feed the foxes, and they’ve become less fearful of humans. Not good, since that’s my usual way to tell if a fox is rabid. In any case, I had my cell phone and took a picture, but it’s not large enough to make out the fox.

When I got back, we headed off for lunch. We decided to have a “local” lunch, and ate at By the Bay, a little restaurant just up the street. Karen had the “Philly steak” sandwich, and I had the chicken Caesar salad. Both were up to the task of lunch. Although, there was nothing Philly-ish about the sandwich. Mind you, it was very good, but nothing like what you get in Philly.

After lunch, we headed down to the Cows ice cream factory for a tour. To our dismay, the tour was fully booked by, of all things, tour busses. So much for coming here in the off-season. So, we drowned our sorrows with a little ice cream. Outside, there are some interesting lawn decorations.

No climbing on WHAT cow? Oh. That cow. It’s about 15 feet tall, and very unclimbable, in my estimation.

After lunch, we headed to Charlottetown to the Confederation Centre for the Arts. The gallery has a number of temporary works. And, by temporary, I might really mean temporary. Apparently, there was a honeybee exhibition… with live bees. Only, most of the bees are now gone, except for a few that seem to have expired. The art museum is free, the price being an entrance that’s hard to find, since the most visible entrance has a sign that says “use other entrance near the amphitheatre”, without any instructions about where to find that other entrance OR the amphitheathre. 180 degrees from the “use other…” sign was another door. This one had no sign at all—not even “ART MUSEUM”. Yet, it was indeed the door to the museum.

After leaving the museum, we decided to drive through some additional areas of PEI National Park. Here’s some of what we saw.



After leaving the park, we headed back to the cottage to change into longwear for dinner, since the temperature was now down to about 50.

For dinner, we ate at Sirenella’s, in Charlottetown. I was skeptical about Italian food here, but my skepticism quickly dissolved. Karen had scallops in a white sauce with a wide fettuccini. I had lobster in a red sauce with the same homemade pasta. Both dishes were delicious!

After dinner, we came back to the cottage, and began plotting our trajectory back to the U.S. Our first night will be in Bangor. There’s an open mic on Thursdays at the Union Street Brick Church. If we get there and settled in time, we might go to that. More, later. Time to shower & pack the car.

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