Wednesday, January 18th—New College, Cortez, and Venice

January 20, 2012 23:06 – 23:06

We began Wednesday by touring New College and the surrounding area. Our first stop—the Music and Arts Pavilion—was closed, the hours and days posted on the front notwithstanding.

From there, we headed down to Cortez for lunch at Star Fish Market… another excellent seafood meal.

Upon leaving Cortez, we set a course for Venice. Venice has a lot of beautiful homes… as well as an unsightly water tower.

The historic railway station in Venice is now used as a bus depot.

I didn’t catch this guy’s name.

Afterwards, we went to an art gallery, and then drove around looking at architecture in Venice.

Yes. It’s called SCAT—Sarasota County Area Transit. And—med students probably love this one—the system form Manatee County is called MCAT. “Where are you going?” “Going to take the MCAT!” “You’re going to medical school???”

Unfortunately, it was raining—the only rain we’d seen on the trip so far—and I’m not fond of wet cameras. So I didn’t take many pictures. This beauty in Venice was too hard to resist, however.

At about six, we picked a restaurant from a list of a half dozen or so that Karen had researched, and we headed for the Sicilian-flavored Cafe Mangiafico in Venice. It double duty as the Upper Crust Cafe and Bakery in the daytime. In fact, we weren’t positive we’d arrived until we had parked and studied the sign out front.

I think we have a knack for hitting restaurants on the first day of waiters’ working there. In any case, we successfully negotiated ordering dinner and wine, and Cameron brought us two huge glasses of wine. The wine was a hearty Italian red—I don’t remember the name. But, neither of us finished it. It was good wine, it was just too much for someone who still had to drive back to Sarasota.

For entrees, Karen chose the Sicilian spaghetti with meatballs and Sicilian sausage, and I had the veal Florentine. Both were excellent. To top it off, because we paid in cash, they subtracted 10% from the bill… their way of encouraging repeat business.

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