Mystery at the Market

February 5, 2012 17:08 – 17:08

I usually avoid grocery shopping on weekends. I hadn’t been able to get to the grocery store since Tuesday, however, and had to go today since we were running out of staples.

The grocery store was like a zoo! The parking lot was full, and there were strange men roaming the aisles—men who apparently have never been in a grocery store, and aren’t aware of normal store etiquette—such as not blocking the aisles by parking their carts sideways, and not tossing bread over aisles to unseen shopping accomplices and yelling “Incoming wheat.”

In any case, I remained perplexed about why the store and parking lot were so crowded—even for a Sunday—until, as I was leaving the store, I heard someone say to someone else “Who you rootin’ for?” Apparently, there’s some kind of event happening today, and men were arming themselves with things to throw at their televisions. Clearly—they were stocking up for Downton Abbey. Mystery solved!

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