Madigan’s Waterfront Restaurant in Occoquan, VA

February 11, 2012 22:14 – 22:14

Excellent seafood–fresh and well prepared–but the air is completely contaminated with smoke from the bar. During our 65 minute wait for a table tonight (we didn’t make a reservation), there was no comfortable and warm smoke-free place to wait. Even once seated in the restaurant, the smoke still found us.

We got there at 5:55 on a Saturday evening, and were told there’d be a 45 minute wait. Since we were at least 40 minutes south of our 2nd choice, we decided to wait, reasoning that restaurants usually over-estimate the wait time. We were finally seated a little after 7 pm.

I had a cup of the crab chowder–it was the perfect temperature, and delicious. For entrees, we both ordered the Admiral’s Platter–tilapia, shrimp (3), and scallops (3) in a wine/cream butter sauce. We both also ordered the mixed vegetables. The seafood was prepared perfectly and was exceedingly fresh. The vegetables, on the other hand, varied from cold to lukewarm.

Service was fast, courteous, apologetic, and efficient. There might’ve even been a cold-vegetable discount–I couldn’t be sure because of my other complaint–it’s too damn dark.

Bottom line: until/unless they become 100% smoke-free, we won’t be going back. The freshest and best prepared seafood isn’t worth a hoot if it tastes like 2nd hand smoke from the bar.

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