Why Mac?

March 5, 2012 23:18 – 23:18

Okay, Mac friends. My curiosity finally overcame me, and I’m trying out a MacBook Air (MBA)—the 13″ model with 256GB of flash memory. Having heard friends rave over their Macs, and the MBA in particular, I’m finding it hard to understand why.

For starters, everything is tiny. The only “universal” solution is to decrease the resolution, which makes the fonts look fuzzy, and still not large enough. And, if I try to go larger, I’m warned that screens will not format/fit correctly. Have Apple’s programmers never heard of “accessibility”? My Windows 7 11″ Acer screen was perfectly readable right out of the box. And the Acer weighs just about the same as the MBA, and has about the same battery life.

A deal killer for me is the fact that Outlook 2011 for Mac does not have Outlook’s Journal feature. I use this feature extensively for keeping track of my consulting time. I have thousands of Journal entries going back many years, and in Outlook 2011, they’re worthless. In fact, they didn’t show up at all when I imported my Outlook 2010 .pst file.

Another deal killer is that in order to get updates for certain software that came with the machine, I would have to sign up for an Apple ID and give them my credit card number. Ain’t gonna happen. All of the updates for Windows and other Microsoft products require only Windows Live registration, which I’ve had for years—without having to give Microsoft my credit card information.. I’m not giving my credit card number to the Apple Store on spec.

I have until the end of March to return this MBA. So far, the ONLY think I like about it is the nearly instant ON feature. I suspect that this is more a function of the flash HD, however. A number of flash-based Windows 7 computers also come on instantly.

So… tell me. Why do you prefer Mac to Windows 7? Anybody who’s used a Windows 7 computer and the MacBook Air: What does the MBA have or do that Windows 7 doesn’t do? Give me a reason to keep it… anything that might overcome my deal killers?

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