July 2, three years later

July 2, 2012 16:01 – 16:01

Imagine that you are vacationing in space, having a good time, enjoying the adventure, and resting up for the next day. Then, at 2:30 in the morning, two officers wake you up to tell you that Earth has been destroyed, and nothing will ever be the same. You will need to find a new way to live your life, because the present and future you thought you had helped to create no longer existed.

If you can imagine that, then you can begin to understand what I went through three years ago today, when Vancouver police officers came to our hotel room to tell us that our wonderful daughter had “passed away.” Every time I remember those words, the same incredulity takes over my mind. Someone like Katie does NOT pass away. She might’ve been swept into another dimension. Or, she might’ve rejoined the great cloud of energy that powers the universe. But a star as bright as hers does not pass away. No way. I don’t know where you are, Katie, but I know you’re somewhere. And I will always love you.

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