Google Nexus 7 Mini-Review

August 31, 2012 20:31 – 20:31

Okay. I’m a nerd, and a fickle one, at that. I succumbed to the Google Nexus 7, and I succumbed basically for one reason: input. I have a regular Kindle, and it’s great for reading outdoors in bright sunlight… which I almost never do. I have a Kindle Fire, which was supposed to be good for general surfing. And, yes, it is good for that… also great for watching Netflix, Amazon videos, and so forth. But, I’m a writer. I’m an exhibitionist. I need to be able to say what I’m thinking, or—more likely—to demonstrate that I’m NOT thinking. In any case, input is the Kindle Fire’s weak link.

A couple days ago, a financial site I use refused to work correctly with Chrome or Firefox, forcing me into Internet Explorer for a short excursion. But, that’s all it took. There on the screen was an ad for something I’d not yet heard of… Google Nexus 7. And, I was hooked.

The Nexus 7 has a camera and a microphone (Skype, anyone?)–both of which the Kindle Fire lacks. And, while it does not come with Swype built in, the beta version of Swype for Android works! This now gives me two fast and reliable methods for text entry–Swype and voice. And the voice recognition is the same as the excellent, if sometimes amusing, voice recognition I have on my Droid 4 phone.

In any case… I’ve now had an hour or two to play with the Nexus 7, and I’m liking it. Mind you, I did have to install Swype Beta (free), and I also had to find and install a rotation app (free). Plus, a lot of apps that came build-into my Droid 4 are things I have to install. On the other hand, a lot of crap that came on my Droid 4 cannot be removed, so, maybe not having an NFL app I’ll never use and can’t get rid of isn’t a bad thing.

The Nexus 7 is fast. I opted for the 16 GB version because, well… bigger is better when it comes to RAM. It’s not as fast as my screaming DELL XPS desktop or laptop. But, it wouldn’t be, would it? But, it’s a lot faster than my Kindles, and even faster than my Droid 4.

Of course, when/if there’s a plausible Windows 8 tablet, my love affair with the Nexus 7 will probably be over. For now, however, I’m at least a little giddy.

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