Looking backwards from Haverhill

September 26, 2012 23:32 – 23:32

I’m in Haverhill, Massachusetts at the Comfort Suites on Bank Street. I arose this morning with plans to go hiking in the Hirundo Wildlife Refuge near Old Town, Maine. But, right as I got there, it started raining hard—and the path was too formidably muddy. So, I had my lunch in the car (sandwich makings obtained from the Hannaford in Old Town), and headed back into Old Town. My mission was to try to find otters. Alas, I remain otter-free for the trip. But, I did find some nice views of the Penobscot River.

I also discovered something called Indian Island, and the Penobscot Nation HQ. How is it that I’ve been to Maine dozens of times, but never before discovered Old Town?

Working my way backwards for the trip, last night, I had dinner at Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast. Much of the staff there are from Jamaica. I told Denton (the guy who cooked my dinner) that I was in Jamaica the day before… Jamaica Plain. He’d never heard of it, and seemed surprised to learn about it. Yesterday (Tuesday) for lunch I’d intended to go to Red’s again, but I decided that the line was too long, and instead tried Sprague’s, across the road from Red’s. They’ve improved quite a bit since the last time I tried them, and I’m not sure Red’s is any better at this point.

Last night, I stayed in a cottage at Colonial Gables. It was #23. It was picturesque and basically comfortable enough with fast internet speeds, but the floor was tilted throughout. When sitting on the throne, I felt like I might slide off.

Yesterday morning, I hiked about 7 miles on the Eastern Trail, walking from Biddeford to the adjacent town. I had discovered the trail the afternoon before when I had walked about 4 miles in the opposite direction. The trail is 65 miles long, and is one of the nicest trails I’ve seen. In sections, however, it can be hard to figure out where it continues, particularly when crossing roadways. The trail was adjacent to the Comfort Inn where I was staying in Biddeford.

I arrived in Biddeford mid-afternoon on Monday, after having had lunch with Cam from the UUA at 29 Newbury, and breakfast with Ilene at City Feed in JP.

I spent the weekend in JP with Liz, Mark, and Shiloh. Saturday, Liz, Joanna, and I met up with Abby for lunch at Bella Luna. I had a small pizza—it was delicious. Liz & I spent a fair amount of time walking around looking at exhibits an offering from Jamaica Plains Open Studios. We also walked around Jamaica Pond, and visited Liz’s community garden plot… where she did a little weeding. Later in the afternoon, we and Matt Meyer headed up to Marblehead for the Emma’s Revolution concert at the UU church there. We had dinner first, though, at the Thai Market restaurant. I had Drunken Noodles with beef… it was delicious, with just the right amount of heat.

After dinner, we headed over to the Marblehead UU church. Emma’s Revolution was wonderful, as usual. On Thursday night, Sandy had message me asking if I’d like to open the 2nd set. Duh. Of course! I sang Heart of It All, and it was well received.

Sunday morning, Mark and I left for ASC shortly after 8. We set up the sound equipment and ran through the songs I was going to lead… Hammer and Heart of It All. It went well… except for the part where I forgot how the first verse of my own song started! Fortunately, Mark had a copy of the words in front of him. Usually, I start the song with the first verse. When I start with the chorus, however, I lose track of where I am, and can’t seem to remember how the first verse starts.

After church, Mark, Liz, Joe (a jazz singer and pianist), Ilene and I went to lunch at Boloco. We ate outside. Afterwards, Liz & I went home with Mark, and waited for Pat and Sandy to show up. We strolled around the pond, and ultimately ended up at JP Licks, where Sandy and Pat treated us to [what for me turned out to be] frozen dinner. After dinner, Liz & I headed over to Lucy Stone for “dinner” and songs. There were 22 of us there. The sing was a ton of fun.

I left home on Friday, and had a mostly-uneventful drive from home to Hingham, where I stopped for dinner at the Hingham Lobster Pound. Then I headed over to Billerica to the Homewood Suites.

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