From Haverhill to East Brunswick Via the Catskills

September 28, 2012 09:08 – 09:08

I’m in the Comfort Suites in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Wednesday night, I was in Haverhill, Mass. at their Comfort Suites. Note to self: Athens Pizza is still excellent. Another note to self. In Massachusetts, you can’t buy beer and wine at most grocery stores. Instead, you need to pay top dollar at a liquor store. It’s possible that some grocery stores do sell it, but I don’t have a clue which ones or under what circumstances.

Yesterday, a cold was coming on, and I didn’t feel a lot like lingering anywhere or taking a long hike. Mid-afternoon, however, I was getting sleepy, and decided to pull over and take a catnap. Before I could do that, however, I spotted something unusual while looking for a place to park in Catskill, NY.

Okay. That got my attention. Someone has serious cat skills. So, I did indeed stop and park. But, I did not nap. Instead, I spent 30 minutes walking up and down Main Street taking pictures of the variety of cats. Note to self: must come back here in future years. I put my entire cat gallery up on Facebook, so I won’t put them all up here, too. My favorites, however, were the following three.

That woke me up, mostly. So, I got back onto the NY State Throughway and stopped at the first plaza and bought a cup of strong coffee.

Last night for dinner, I was feeling Thai-ish, so I went to Thai River Cuisine. I had the Thai chicken wings and the Beef Basil Noodles. Both were exquisite. My only complaint would be that I had my mouth set for some Thai beer, but they serve only soft beverages. I could’ve walked around the block to the liquor store, but I decided to forego, thinking the store wouldn’t have had Thai beer in any case. Or, in any bottle or six-pack, either, for that matter.

Okay. Another complaint. I’ve spend the past several months learning how to use chopsticks properly. I even bought myself several nice sets for use at home. At neither of the two Thai restaurants I’ve been to on this trip were chopsticks offered. And last night, the noodles were very hard to stab with the fork, and chopsticks would’ve been a better choice of weapons. Why stab when you can grab?

This morning, I’ll be making the rest of the trip back to Virginia. This damn cold is annoying. I’ve been fighting it with vitamin C and zinc, and I don’t know which one is winning yet.

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