Manitou Springs to Santa Fe

October 5, 2012 09:51 – 09:51

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Santa Fe. I love how nothing blocks the skyline in Santa Fe. But, a little more architectural differentiation might save on U-turns and wasted times. It’s as if everything here is extremely well camouflaged. It took two U-turns for me to find the hotel, and three U-turns to find El Comal, where I had dinner last night.

Yesterday on the way down from Manitou Springs, I decided to stop somewhere new to me—Lake Pueblo State Park. There’s a $7 daily pass entry fee, unless you have some other kind of pass. I didn’t. I guess the money goes for maintenance, although one would have hoped that park staff would have noticed the large and growing wasp next RIGHT NEXT TO THE URINAL in one of the rest rooms. I noticed motion out of the corner of my right eye, and then saw an uncomfortably large number of wasps 4 inches from my head. The good news is that it had been in the 20s overnight, and was currently in the 40s, so the wasps were lethargic and did not challenge my presence. I emerged un-stung.

On Wednesday, I had bought an enormous club sandwich from Safeway, eliminated half the bread, and had remade it into two sandwiches—one for lunch on Wednesday, and one for lunch some other time. So, I had that sandwich for a cool picnic lunch at the park. Then I grabbed my camera and hiked for about 90 minutes. There are lots of river and lake views. Here’s a golden retriever—who was retrieving (imagine that) a Frisbee that’d been flung into the lake.

And here’s the river. I saw maybe half a dozen anglers fishing along the banks of this river. I did not see any fish being caught, though.

I finished up at the park at about 2 o’clock, and then directed my Passat towards Santa Fe. I arrived at the Comfort Suites at about 6:30, unloaded my car, and then took a drive to see if I could catch the sunset. I did.

Someone at the hotel had recommended El Comal for dinner. It was close to the hotel and received good reviews. I chose the roast beef burrito. It would’ve been good, except for two things. First, it was supposed to have come with rice and beans, and while I would’ve passed on the rice, the beans were missed. And nothing I said or did caused the beans ever to appear. Second, it was drenched in a very hot red sauce that was too hot even for me. And the flavor of the sauce of too overpowering, even aside from the fiery fierceness.

On the plus side, dinner came with one of the best sopapillas I’ve ever had. Following dinner, I came back to the hotel and proceeded work some HDR magic on yesterday’s crop of photos.

On the agenda today… I plan to head up to Taos for the first part of the day, and then head back down to Santa Fe. I’ll have lunch in Taos, and then try one of the places Ron Stevens recommended for dinner.

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