Naples, Florida—Day 1

February 13, 2013 21:18 – 21:18

I’m renting a small house in Naples for the next six nights. It’s not shiny and new, but it has all of the comforts of home—relatively fast internet, air conditioning, and a place to put my computers (the kitchen table). There’s a small desk, but the workspace isn’t large enough for two laptops and a wireless keyboard.

Parts of Naples remind me of southern California. But, the neighborhood I’m in reminds me of Albuquerque—but at sea level and with seacoast humidity. Go figure. Caliquerque.

I got in shortly before noon, and after unpacking the car, drove to a variety of stores in search of things I need. I finally found an acceptable hat—at Target. I bought a baseball-type hat in Sarasota midway through the walk with Pat Bossman on Monday, but I hate that style hat. The bill is too long (it blocks peripheral vision) and it interferes with my sunglasses. The hat I bought today has a 360 degree bill, and doesn’t interfere with eyewear.

I had planned to get fresh seafood from a fish market—Randy’s Fish Market Restaurant—but the prices and selection were abysmal. Honestly—it was over $20 per pound! And the stuff really didn’t look all that fresh. I’ll try again elsewhere. Tonight, I settled for Costco’s tiger shrimp, which I sautéed lightly in cultured butter. I also bought some scallops, figuring I’d have both, but decided that I wasn’t quite that hungry. So, I’ll save the scallops for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

After visiting a variety of stores, I returned to the house to put the groceries away. Then, I decided to take a walk to Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park. The entrance is about 2 miles west of here, and the park closes at sunset… which is precisely when I got there… about 18:30. So, I turned around and hoofed back to the house. I’ll save going the rest of the way to the park for daylight hours. The red dot shows where the house is, and Delnor Wiggins is right on the Gulf.

Today, it was actually hot by my standards—mid 80s. Beginning tomorrow, though, there’s supposed to be a slow cool-down, and the highs might only be in the 60s over the weekend.

I’m going to let the weather dictate what I do tomorrow. It’s about an hour to Big Cypress National Preserve, and I plan to go there several times. There’s a lot to do there, and I’ve always bypassed it in favor of the Everglades. If the 50% chance of showers doesn’t pan out and it’s warm and sunny, I might go to the beach. If it really does rain, I’ll look for some museums. If it’s just cool-ish but not raining, then I might make my first foray to Big Cypress.

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