Big Cypress National Preserve, First Visit

February 15, 2013 10:59 – 10:59

I spent most of yesterday in Big Cypress National Preserve. Well, in, getting to, and getting back from. I quickly learned that if you aren’t willing to don waders and trudge through swamps, it’s hard to do an 8 mile hike there. I’m not willing, so I pieced together most of 8 miles, but not quite, in walking various board walks and other dry trails through the park.

I took a lot of pictures. Once, while on the Monument Loop, I stopped to take some pictures of white herons. While trying to get a better angle, I almost stepped on a 7-foot alligator. Oops!

Its tail was sticking out into the roadway! I’m not sure if it even noticed me. I sure noticed it… almost too late. Here are some of the birds I was trying to hone in on.

While on the loop trail—which is a very dusty dirty road—the car got covered with gray dirt. While I was glad it wasn’t mud, after I got back onto paved roads, I started doing a rain dance to wash the dusty dirt off the car. It worked—raining torrentially. The car is now clean, except for bugs on the grill and hood, which I think will require an actual car wash to remove. It rained about an inch and a half yesterday. That’s a lot of rain by any standards, but it’s a heck of a lot of rain for south Florida in February.

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