From Home to Port Wentworth

March 20, 2013 07:59 – 07:59

I’m in Port Wentworth, a few miles north of Savannah, in room 313 at the Comfort Suites North, on Traveler’s Way. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the internet is faster than most—18M Down and 11M Up. With tax, the room is about $95.

The plan for today is to drive SW to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, spend a couple of hours hiking & picturing there (and hoping it doesn’t rain too much—there’s a 50% chance of showers after 10 am). I have a cancelable (by 4 pm) reservation for tonight at the Comfort Suites in Morrow, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. The overarching plan, though, is to head north and west ASAP if there’s another CME or aurora alert. The aurora was visible the morning of March 17th as far south as Colorado.

The ride from home to here was uneventful—once I hit NC, the sky was sunny and bright, and temps were in the 60s and 70s. The forecast for today in Folkston, GA—the closest city to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge—is for mixed sun & clouds, and a high near 64. I’m in the Crosstrek. It looks like it’s going to need its 7,500 service this week… probably in Kentucky.

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