Savannah to Okefenokee to Morrow

March 21, 2013 00:02 – 00:02

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Morrow, Georgia. The large room & hotel are nice enough, but the internet speed is pretty slow… about 1.2M. For dinner, I had ribs at Sonny’s BBQ. Not bad. I last ate at a Sonny’s many years ago, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had their ribs before.

I began this morning at the Comfort Suites in Port Wentworth (great internet speed there, but weirdly angled room entrances that make a luggage cart a challenge—not impossible, just a little strange). From there, I stopped at the Hardees a little south for breakfast, then drove the 2 hours to the Okefenokee NWR. Unlike last time, this time the Swamp Island Drive was open. I hiked a bit, seeing the Chesser Island Homestead and a few alligators. Unfortunately, the boardwalk was under repair/construction and was closed. Next time, maybe.

Unfortunately, it started raining about 5 minutes after I got to Swamp Island Drive. I walked about 5 miles with an umbrella, which put a serious damper on photography. But, when it wasn’t raining, I did manage to get a few nice shots.





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