Day 3: Malmö to Stockholm, via Gräna’s Brahehus

May 5, 2013 16:50 – 16:50

Today was mostly a travel day. I’m at the Comfort (sic) in Stockholm. I say “sic” because nothing really is comfortable about the place. The room was too hot, and the A/C doesn’t do anything, so I opened the window. That helps with the temperature, but now I have lots of traffic and street noise. There’s not really a usable desk that’s deep enough for both keyboard and laptop, and I abandoned the kettle box (stupidly) in Malmö. Right now, I’m using the stool as a surface for the keyboard, and my laptop is on the desk… a bit too far for comfortable viewing, but at least I can type.

The room is also tiny. How tiny is it? If someone else were in the room with me, we’d have to take turns breathing.

Parking isn’t connected to the Comfort. It’s actually parking for the WTC. No, not the one that used to be in NYC, although, when you’re wheeling and carrying luggage several city blocks, the garage might as well be in another city. Plus, parking costs $160SEK per day—about $24 USD, on top of the room’s cost of about $150 for tonight and $192 for the next nights. Perhaps needless to say, I’m checking my ass out of this place tomorrow morning, and am relocating. The new place is in the burbs, and is called Dialogg Hotell (or something like that). It’s about half the cost of the Comfort, and parking is free. It also looks like the room is bigger and has a more usable desk.

Anyway, the only stop I planned along the way was the Brahehus Slot. I followed the signs, but wasn’t sure I could actually get to the castle. A little bit of exploring finally netted me this discovery. You have to walk under the expressway!

The castle dates from the 17h century, and was never repaired after it burned in 1708, although some restoration work has been done in recent years.

The view from within the castle is pretty spectacular, too.

I left the castle at about 2:30, and got into Stockholm at about 5:30. I spent the first hour looking for alternative lodgings. Afterwards, I ventured down to the street for kebabs at ?Kebab Arbil – ????
??????., at least I think that’s the one. At least it’s the only kebab house that came up when I tried to check in from Facebook.

As I was wheeling my remaining luggage up from the garage, I noticed quite a lovely sunset in the west, and snapped a picture with my aPhone.


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