Day 4: Around Stockholm

May 6, 2013 10:17 – 10:17

I’m at the Dialog Hotel in Kungen Skurva, outside of Stockholm. The room is 50% larger than the Comfort room was, and there’s actually a usable desk that fits my laptop AND external keyboard. And the internet is a decent speed for a hotel–15Mbps. If I were a single woman, I wouldn’t be thrilled with having a ground floor room with windows that open really wide. But, since I’m not, I’m taking delight in the fact that I was able to back the car up to my room windows, and bring the baggage in through the window. Considering that I had to deal with multiple doors at the Comfort hotels where I stayed, this is a decided improvement. I’ll be staying here for two nights… and then heading north to the Arctic Circle… and maybe over to Finland.

After arising this morning, I had breakfast at the Comfort—bacon and eggs, and I took a stab at the little wiener sausages. But, they tasted like hot dogs, which I don’t care for (particularly not for breakfast).

After breakfast, I packed up and headed for the Tyresta National Park—which is free, and is a popular destination for hiking. It’s 20 square kilometers of essentially primeval forest—never developed by humans at all, except for the trails, apparently. There are many paths that wind and twist through the park. I hiked about 10K… about 4K less than my usual, but I’m sure I’ll put in at least another 4K before the end of the day.

I saw some types of birds that I’ve never seen before today. But, I have no clue what they were, and wasn’t really in bird watching mode. So, my life list remains unchanged, unless I can count a pygmy owl, which I heard but did not see. I also saw a kind of snake I’ve never seen before… and frankly, I was astonished to see a snake in Sweden at all! It was a grass snake, possibly a relative of the garter snakes we have in the U.S.

I did not take the picture shown below. I was using my cell phone camera, and the shots I took didn’t turn out so well.

Apparently, I was a day late for the Hund Promenaden.

Oh, well. But I was just in time for some pretty blue flowers! Sorry for the quality… these were taken with my phone because I didn’t want to lug my heavy camera for 10K.

For close-ups, my phone camera doesn’t do very well. For larger more panoramic pictures, however, it does a better job. I believe this is called Lake Stensjön, which is enclosed by the park:

The map shows where I was (1, Stockholm), where I hiked (2), and where I am (3, in Kungen Skurva ) at the moment I’m writing this.

Okay. That’s enough for now. There are about 4 more hours of daylight left, and ruined slots and churches I haven’t yet seen.

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