Day 4 Part II—Stockholm Environs: Two Churches and a Royal Palace

May 6, 2013 16:43 – 16:43

This afternoon was a church-and-palace kind of afternoon. I decided to visit two historic churches, and I serendipitously happened upon the royal palace on the way to the 2nd church.

First, I decided to visit Bromma Kyrka. Bromma Kyrka is a round church in the borough Bromma, in Stockholm, Sweden. The oldest parts of the church were built in the later 12th century as a fortress church, and the church is among Stockholm’s oldest buildings. Some of this comes from Wikipedia. Round must’ve been the “in” thing back in the 12th centuries. My last trip to France, I happened upon a beautiful old (begun in 469CE) church also with a round section… which I believe was built in the 12th century. See Here’s the Bromma Church (Kyrka, in Swedish) from the front.

And, while I don’t read Swedish, it looks to me like the Bromma church is having a capital campaign!

Here’s the church from the back side.

While walking around the cemetery and church, I also saw a flock of these birds occupying a couple of trees. I have no idea what kind of bird it is.

Leaving Bromma, I decided to head to Lovö Kyrka. On the way, however, I did spy with my little eye one of these:

No too shabby, eh? What is this, I asked myself. Hearing no response, I parked and took a walk to learn what I could. I learned that this is:

Well, that’s perfectly clear. If you know that “slot” means palace or castle, however, then you’re well on your way. Actually, Slottsboden is the name of the Royal Palace’s gift shop. The gift shop ain’t too shabby, either:

While I was hiking around the palace, I saw a boat tie up at an adjacent dock:

It was doing a dinner cruise (and dinner smelled awesome). When the royal palace is open, this boat brings tourists from near City Hall in Stockholm for tours of the palace. This evening, however, the palace was closed, and the palates were busy. If boats were compatible with my existence, I’d be on that thing tomorrow. But boats and Ménière’s disease don’t get along well, so I’ll pass.

I now resume my search for Lovö Kyrka. According to Wikipedia (translated from Swedish):

The church was probably built in the 1100s but may have had a wooden church predecessor. During a restoration that was done in the 1930s, workers found rune stones which were from the earlier half of the 1100s. The church was extended in the late 1200s and the 1600s. The tower was built in the late Middle Ages .

Without further ado, here’s the church:

And here it is again, but from the back, and enhanced a little using HDR tricks:

And again, this time from the side:

And here’s one of the rune stones they found:

After having my photographic way with Lovö Kyrka, it was after 19:30 (sundown happens at about 21h this time of year), I decided to head back to the hotel, where I am now. After getting back here, though, I decided to walk to a store called Stadium, since I couldn’t discover their hours online. They closed at 20h… about 45 minutes before I got there. It’s about 1.5K from here, and that 3K walk put me at about 18K for the day (a little over 11 miles). I celebrated that fact by having pastries and grapes for dinner instead of actual dinner. Food is food.

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