Day 8: To Abisko, Norway, and Back to Kiruna

May 10, 2013 17:10 – 17:10

Today was mostly spent driving to & through Abisko National Park. I also went beyond the park and drove an extra hour over into Norway. A few notable pictures.


When I got back to the hotel, I spent a few minutes sizing up tomorrow, after determining that tomorrow is going to be a travel day. I made a reservation about halfway between here and Goteborg, in Härnösand. Then, I had dinner—a chicken Caesar salad I assembled at ICA Kvantum. And finally, I went out for a walk to shoot a couple pictures of the local church, which is listed as a major historical attraction.

The smaller of the two building is especially intriguing.

On the way back, I spotted this sign, and wondered if it might be intended as a pun. It wasn’t shaking, but it might during an earthquake.

Shake that Gruvv Finng!

Tomorrow, I head south.

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