Day 10: Sandervoken to Västerås

May 13, 2013 03:36 – 03:36

I’m currently in Västerås, about 80km WNW of Stockholm, en route to my first big mistake of the trip. I booked a cottage in the Göteborg area… the fine print says:

Important Information

Bed linens and towels are not included. You can rent them on site or bring your own but sleeping bags are not permitted. You can clean before check-out or pay a final cleaning fee. If you expect to arrive outside front desk hours, please contact Kviberg Hostel and Cottages in advance. Please note that the front desk closes at 4 pm on Sundays.

I didn’t actually see anything about this until after I’d already booked… and the reservation can’t be canceled without losing the full cost. Oh, well. How much can it cost to rent linens and towels?

In any case, yesterday’s drive was mostly uneventful, with the exception of a lot of rain about 200km north of here. The other bad thing about Göteborg is that it’s supposed to rain. Oh, joy.

On the way here, I did do a little sightseeing, then a bit more once here, on foot. I stopped in Gnarps to see the lovely church there.

Arriving in Västerås, I was delighted to discover that, once again, moving luggage from the car to the room would be quite simple. Below you see my rented Audi A3 backed up to my hotel window!

After unloading, I set out for the local ICA Maxi, where I was able to buy ice for my little pink ice chest. Having a taste for pizza (and a microwave in the room to reheat it), I also bought two local beers. Called the GIO STYLE, this little chest does a terrible job of keeping things cold, but it’s far better than nothing. I acquired it on my first day here.

I also went to a place called Nistanny’s Pizzeria on my Garmin, although the pizza box said Nygräddad Pizza. I had the Mariestads MB beer with the pizza. The beer was decent, the pizza, meh. They labor under the misapprehension that pepperoni is a weird green pickled pepper. Fortunately, I discovered that before settling on the order. What I did get on the pizza was ham and salami. As I said… meh. The place was run by Iraqi refugees, and I don’t think pizza is part of their repertoire. Later, I saw an Italian pizzeria. Oh, well. Next time I’m in Västerås, I’ll know.

After eating, I called my mother via Skype to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. We had a nice chat—Chrissy’s crew were there, too.

After Skype, I took a 9K hike from the hotel, taking in some local scenery with my cell phone camera. My first hoped-for destination turned out to be my last, since it wasn’t what I thought it was, and I’m still not sure what it was. I set my GPS for the Västerås Cathedral (Domkyrka). It took me here, which isn’t what I thought I’d see.

This thing is so huge and there was really no way to “stand back” and take it all in. The best overall picture I could manage was this:

What I was looking for, however, was something I saw on my way back to the hotel from the pizza place. It was this:

Another view from the front:

So, apparently, what I’d found was 75% of ABBA. ABB is a huge business center and manufacturing plant, I gather. I’d never heard of it. But, it looked like a mosque from the distance… I even imagined that a smaller tower was the minaret.

Also on my walk, I found this. Yes. That’s right. It’s the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, posting as Sverges Telegraf!

It was well after 9:30 at this point, and beginning to get dark. I did manage to see a nice sunset about half a kilometer from the hotel.

In any case, it’s now 9:30 am, and I’m going to start to get my act into gear for heading down to Gödeborg, where I’ll have to deal with the cottage goof. If you want to rent a cottage at Kviberg near Göteborg, Sweden… be forewarned!

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