Day 12: Göteborg, Sweden to Odense Denmark

May 14, 2013 17:13 – 17:13

I’m in Odense, Denmark, which is about a 4 hour drive from Göteborg, Sweden, which is where I was last night. The Ansgarhus Motel is right across the street from the Ansgars Kirke.

While in search of dinner, I took a 12K hike… first down to the Odense Zoo (which had closed earlier in the day), and then to a highly-rated restaurant called Kvaegtorvet. When I sat down to order, I quickly realized I was out of my depth. Dinner would have cost more than my hotel room! They had no a la carte, and instead have 12-course, 10-course, and 6-course fixed price menus, each which came with three different wines (bottle? I dunno… I didn’t stay to find out). Their “cheapest” offering was the 6-course menu for 850 Danish Kronas—about $148! Gulp!

So, I excused myself and went to Monte Carlo Pizza, and ordered one to go… for about 1/8 the price of the fancy restaurant. The pizza from Monte Carlo was quite good, even though the proprietor just barely spoke English.

Had I spoken Greek or Danish, I would’ve done better. But, I ordered carryout and brought it back to the room where I enjoyed it accompanied by that second Swedish beer I bought a few days ago—Norrlands Guld. It was okay, but a bit too pale.

A few more scenes from around Odense, which I believe I saw all of on my 12K hike before dinner.

Here’s the hare apparent… I’ve now seen hares at three different hotels.

This is Jacobskírken, which is in the center of Odense.

The trip from Göteborg to Odense was mostly wet, but it did occasionally relent. I managed to swing by a couple of places along the way. Here’s Kallored Kyrka, back in Sweden:

I’ve now seen several churches in Sweden that have this odd companion structure. I don’t know what they’re called, although this one looks like it’s wearing a helmet.

I also stopped to see another castle, but gave up when I saw that it was very scaffolded, and not all that photogenic. This is Tjolöholm Slott (Castle), in Halland County, Sweden.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Scandinavia. I plan to see some stuff in the Odense area before driving back to Copenhagen. As usual, I’m apprehensive about my flight. I sure hope there’s a desk with real agents to deal with rather than one of those obscure machines where you scan your e-ticket. I’m not sure I’ll have access to a printer tomorrow night, which adds to the apprehension. Also I have to return the Avis to the P10 building, and then schlepp my luggage a kilometer or so back to the main terminal. I hope it’s not raining.

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