The Bunn MCU Coffee Brewer: Yes!

May 24, 2013 17:56 – 17:56

A few months ago, I tried the Keurig Platinum coffee brewer. The result was coffee that’s laughably weak. There was no way to up the ante. The Keurig went back to Costco.

I typically make coffee directly into a 14 ounce mug, using a Melita pourover system (well, that’s for descriptive purposes only, since I don’t actually use any Melita products), and ½ cup of finely ground coffee per cup. Yes—½ cup. Did I mention that like my coffee strong?

But, because I like gadgets and found the Keurig experiment so unsatisfying, I did some research and found this thing, made by Bunn. It’s variously called My Café and MCU. It comes with four brewing drawers—one for do-it-yourself, one for just water, one for pods, and one for K-Cups.

Last week, I ordered the Bunn MCU coffee brewer. It came on Saturday. Using my own coffee, I find that it can indeed make sufficiently strong coffee. So, yes, Amazon, I’m keeping the Bunn MCU.

But, I was also curious about whether its pulse option would produce sufficiently strong coffee using K-Cups. So, I ordered a sample pack of K-Cups from Amazon—they arrived yesterday. The answer is… a resounding yuck. I tried every size option available—the smallest being 4 ounces. Even that was pathetically weak.

Next, I decided to find out whether the problem is the quality of K-Cup coffee, the fact of the plastic brewing device, or if it’s the small quantity of coffee used per K-Cup. The answer appears to be that it’s the small quantity of coffee, but the plastic brewing cup might also be part of the problem, since I was unable to get sufficient strength even when brewing a 4-ounce cup of coffee.


I picked three K-Cups—two Colombian and one Breakfast Blend—opened them with a knife, and emptied them into the do-it-yourself Bunn brewing drawer. It took all three to equal the amount of coffee I use to make a 12 to 14 ounce cup of coffee! The result is actually a decent cup of coffee!

Bottom Line

I’m keeping the Bunn MCU. It cost $139. It’s a lot more expensive than my Melita method, but at the moment, I’m of the opinion that it actually brews a better cup of coffee. Being quixotic, though, I might change my mind in the future.

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