In Maple Grove… but where are the maples?

June 27, 2013 09:11 – 09:11

I’m in Maple Grove, Minnesota, a few miles outside of Minneapolis, in the Cambria Suites. The internet speed here is a paradoxical 1/5 (1M down, 5M up), which means it’s great for uploading pictures, but not so great for streaming and downloading. Through the window I mostly see a field of what I think is alfalfa, with a couple of silos in the distance.

That was taken at about 21h last night.

Anyway… this is a short blog entry, mostly to commemorate where I was and what I did. For dinner last night, I picked up a salad (house salad with Caesar dressing) and classic crust pizza from Green Mill. The salad was great;. The pizza was meh… not as good as I remember. I think I chose the wrong crust.

Today… I’m not sure. I don’t have a reservation for tonight, and I need to do some research.

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