From Madison to Toledo

July 1, 2013 22:41 – 22:41

I’m at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Toledo, on Benore Road. Internet is slow here—about 1M/.5M. Worse, their wired service won’t work with my router. I’ve no idea why not. In any case, I’ll put this one on my “don’t stay here again” list.

They’re also very stingy with outlets. Just one free outlet at the desk. This is why I carry a power strip and extension cord with me on trips.

The drive down from Madison was mostly just okay. Traffic was heavy and slow through the Chicago area—no surprise there. I missed an early opportunity to dodge the urban area, but I failed to understand the consequences. As a result, I got to Toledo about 2 hours later than I might’ve… at about 18:30. I did manage to avoid the Portage backup on I-90, however, by detouring over onto I-94. Once before I failed to dodge that bullet, and paid handsomely by sitting in a 1 hour inescapable backup.

The temperature was mostly in the low to mid 70s all the way here… nice! It was spitting a little bit of rain as I entered Ohio, but pretty much held off until I got here. Just after I left Tony’s it began to rain in earnest—enough to clean the windshield—but then slacked off after that. It’s currently a delightful 60 degrees! With the wind, I’d almost need a coat.

For dinner, I went to Packo’s at the Park. It was its usual delicious. I had a Sam Adams Summer draught. It was good, but a bit too sweet. I’ll have to re-sample their line to see if there’s one that I really like. Packo’s sells a lot of different beers on draught, but mostly they’re too weak, and Sam was the only one with any appeal.

Tomorrow, I continue east to Rochester, NY. That’s where I’m reserved. I could drive all the way back to Virginia, but I’m not ready to go back yet. I don’t like being home on July 4th. All of the noise from fireworks annoys me. So, I’m hoping it’s mostly over by the time I get back on the 5th. My plan is to head over to Maine for a night, then head down through PA, and spend the night in the Scranton area. Then the plan is to meander home through PA-Dutch country, and see if I can find a couple of low night stands. I won’t have room to carry them in the Passat, but if I see something good, I can either order them or drive back up with the Crosstrek.

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