Springfield, Oregon to Castro Valley, California

August 6, 2013 01:44 – 01:44

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Castro Valley, just outside of San Francisco. The internet speed is 55/11, but the proxy settings are weird. It keeps going to an alternate “Click Here” page when I post on Facebook.

Today’s was a long drive, but it’s only one of two planned marathon drives for the trip, so it’s okay. Today’s trip took me from Springfield, Oregon to here… about 560 miles. A lot of the trip was through high desert with temperatures into the low 100s. At one point, it was 100 degrees where I was standing… looking at the snow-capped Mount Shasta. How weird is that, by the way? A mountain named after a cheesy soft drink. Go figure.

Here’s what was to my back:

Coming through Oregon, the wildfire smoke was very thick. When I hit California, however, it was as if someone had flipped the OFF switch. No more smoke.

Yesterday on the way down, I stopped off in Portland to see the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. It’s beautiful, and reminded me a little of Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. Of the many pictures I took, I liked this one the best.

Last night, at the Comfort Suites in Springfield, Oregon, the internet speed was about 10/3.

Last night for dinner, I once again asked Yelp where to go. It told me to go to Memo’s Mexican Restaurant, in Springfield. It wasn’t the best Mexican I’ve ever had, but it was far from the worst. I had a combination platter made with picadillo (shredded beef)… an enchilada, a taco and a tostada.

After dinner last night, I took a drive out to Zumwald County Park, about 20 miles west of Springfield and Eugene. The park is one of several that border Fern Ridge Lake. The lake is extremely placid and quiet. Even at dusk, I didn’t see or feel any mosquitoes.

For dinner tonight, it was after 8:30, so I decided to get a burger from Wendy’s. So, no fancy reviews. I haven’t yet quite decided what to do tomorrow. I’m torn between seeking out a winery and taking BART into SF. I guess I’ll see what I feel like doing tomorrow morning… and the forecast.

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