From Klamath to Portland, Via Crater Lake

August 10, 2013 01:46 – 01:46

I’m at the Candlewood Suites in Portland, again. I’ll move on to the TownPlace Suites in Seattle tomorrow, and then back to the Candlewood for my last night in the northwest (Tuesday night).

Last night, I was at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Note to self: don’t go there again. I previously thought that all of the Comforts with “Suite” in their name had elevators. Not so. The second floor and the quantity of luggage I travel with aren’t compatible with non-elevatorness. This particular Comfort is an older property. The beds were like mattress valleys. Once captured by one, it was hard to escape, although I slept well enough.

Last night for dinner I decided to walk to the Sizzler, which was next door to the Comfort. Note to self: don’t go there again. Either that, or instruct them NOT to add salt or pepper to the meat. Both were generously applied—way more than I would ever use—preventing me from making a determination of whether the meat was any good. Places like Sizzler, however, make me yearn for Sir Walter Raleigh’s.

On this trip, I learned that there aren’t any falls at Klamath Falls. They were covered up by a dam in 1908, or thereabouts. About an hour north of Klamath noFalls, however, is Crater Lake, which is said to be the cleanest large lake in the world. It’s gorgeous. Here’s what it looks like from the south rim (about 7,200 feet above sea level).

On the way to Crater Lake National Park, I panicked a bit because I was running low on gas, and an alleged Shell station en route wasn’t there. At the entrance, an information kiosk said that there was a self-service station at Mazama Village. I tried to call to verify, but the call kept getting dropped. So, I took a chance… and was greatly relieved to discover that there was indeed a gas station there. Armed with a full tank, I then proceeded to drive to the rim of the crater. It was in the 40s and 50s, and wonderful… until it started raining.

For dinner tonight, I decided to try “the best Thai restaurant anywhere”. I’ve seen that “the best Thai restaurant” so many times that I’ve decided that people who say it haven’t really been to many Thai restaurants. Just about any random Thai restaurant in the DC area beats the heck out of the various “best Thai restaurants” I’ve encountered. Tonight’s “best Thai restaurant”, Baiyok Thai-Cuisine—was okay, bordering on awful. I ordered two dishes, hoping that one of them would be edible. I ordered Pra Ram and Pad Thai. The Pad Thai was okay. Not wonderful, but decidedly okay. The Pra Ram was awful. In my opinion, all dishes that use coconut milk should be required by law to say so in the menu description. And, when you order it, the person taking the order should be required to issue a warning. “Excuse me, sir, but are you aware that the dish you’re ordering contains coconut milk?”

In any case, the Pra Ram contained coconut milk, and I tossed it after smelling it, and taking a sample taste to verify what my nose and eyes had told me. Yuck. I’m glad I ordered two dishes, and that one of them was edible.

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