Last Day in the Seattle Area

August 12, 2013 22:53 – 22:53

I began today by heading to Duke’s Chowder House at Alki Beach, to meet a friend for lunch. After about two and a half hours of engaging conversation, I think we now know each other’s life stories pretty well. It was the sort of interaction I wish didn’t have to end. But, it did, because my friend had forthcoming meetings, and needed to go to work. The conversation was so engaging that I didn’t really notice how the food was. I think it was okay.

After lunch, it was close to 3 pm, so I decided to head to a reasonably close park for a hike… Cougar Mountain Regional Park. As it turns out, the park I discovered at 1,100 feet above sea level wasn’t Cougar Mountain Regional Park. The latter was another 200 feet higher, apparently. But, I did enjoy a very pleasant and evergreeny fragrant hike among normal sized redwoods (i.e., not 1,000 year old giants) and other conifers.

Cougar Mountain Park is one of those Federal Lands to Parks deals. It was formerly a Nike missile site.

Interestingly, I believe this is the first wholly non-smoking outdoor park I’ve ever visited. Huntley Meadows prohibits smoking on the boardwalk, but not in other parts of the park. This place was 100% tobacco free. Hmm… I wonder if that includes chewing tobacco, as well.

I finished up at Cougar Mountain Park shortly before 5, and decided to see just how high Cougar Mountain goes. At about 1,400 feet, I was close to the top. At the very top are several antenna towers providing elevation for cells and various commercial radio and television services.

Leaving the mountain at about 5, I set a course for TownPlace Suites. TownPlace Suites had been pretty quiet so far. But, this afternoon, a slam fest seemingly was in progress, involving two rooms in close proximity to mine. You know how people sometimes extend the security latch across the door so that the door won’t close completely? Well, they did that, and were moving rapidly between two rooms. Each slam shook the whole building. After about 40 tremors, I opened my door and requested that the most recent slammer—who seemed to be a 12 year old male human—if he would be kind enough to stop slamming and close the doors more quietly. Since then, there’ve been only about 4 or 5 slams. So, either they took my request seriously, or they decided “Mission Accomplished” and moved on to other fun and games.

About 10 minutes before I issued the slam request, I had ordered delivery pizza from Round Table Pizza, about 2 miles from here. They said it’d take about 40 minutes. I started my stopwatch when I hung up. When someone knocked on my door 10 minutes after the slam request, and only 22 minutes into the pizza delivery wait, I thought it might’ve been the slammers coming to apologize, or perhaps doing the old “knock and run away” trick. But, no… it was the Round Table knight, delivering my pizza and salad! He left with a $5 tip.

The salad was nothing special. It was mostly fresh ingredients, but the salad dressing was one of those low-fat Italian dressings that makes you wonder “Why???” While I was eating the salad, however, the aroma of the pizza began to fill the room, and I had a premonition that the pizza was going to make up for the salad. Indeed, it did.

Alex’s Pizza in Biddeford, Maine remains my all-time pizza champion. However, Alex’s doesn’t deliver… not even if you’re down the street from them in Biddeford. So, for delivery pizza, I think I have a new winner: Round Table. I do believe it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had delivered, anywhere. I note that I’ve never had fabulous pizza delivered to my home (well, except by me, but that doesn’t count). Nothing I’ve had delivered anywhere I’ve ever lived or stayed has come anywhere close to Round Table’s pizza.

I’m a little sad because this is my last day in the Seattle area. Tomorrow, I pack up and drive back to Portland to get ready for an early flight on Wednesday. I haven’t decided what final activities to do tomorrow en route to the Land of Port. It’s a bit far afield, but I’m tempted to try to go to Columbia Crest Winery, since I buy lots of their wine from restaurants, and usually like it. However, it’s 220 miles out of my way on the trip to Portland… It’s 3.5 hours from here, and 3 hours from Portland. So, maybe not.

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