Home, to Plattsburgh, to Manchester, NH

August 23, 2013 22:34 – 22:34

I’m at the Springhill Suites in Manchester, NH. I’ll be renting a house in Hancock, Maine for the next four nights. It’s a little north of Acadia National Park. In the past, I’ve never spent enough time in Acadia, and this is an opportunity to really explore it, as well as finally sample some of the other places around there that friends have recommended over the years.

The internet speed here is pretty good—13Mbps. It was in the 5-10Mbps range last night at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Plattsburgh. On the down side there, the bathroom toilet area smelled of urine… not something I’m used to in my stays.

Today, I checked out at 11, then drove to AAA to pick up some tourbooks and maps, and then hit the Pricechopper grocery store to pick up some chicken for lunch. I also got dinner from Pricechopper last night… roast beef and Swiss, and some bagels. I had rb and swiss on wheat and egg bagels. It wasn’t the worst dinner I’ve ever had. In fact, it was pretty good.

Keeping the chicken hot wasn’t a problem. I have this great insulated bag from Costco that keeps food hot or cold… hot, in this case. Then, I set a course for the Canadian border for my NEXUS interview. The interview involved them asking if I’ve ever been arrested, etc. That part, they pretty much already knew because I’d been granted an interview. They also took my fingerprints and took a pictures of me. A Canadian agent then explained all of the ins and outs of the NEXUS sytem.

The next step required my driving into Canada for eye scans. Since I didn’t have Canadian NEXUS privileges yet, this meant waiting about 30 minutes to cross the border into Canada. The eye scans took only about 5 minutes. The drive back into the US was faster because I have the Trusted Traveler card. While others spent what looked like an hour or more in line, I zipped across the border in under 5 minutes (there were 3 cars ahead of me). My border “interview” took about 20 seconds.

Upon getting back into NY, I set a course for Manchester, NH. Right across the Vermont border, I stopped at a little welcome center, which had three picnic tables. I used one of them to eat the still-hot chicken. Well, half of it. It wasn’t great, so the balance went into the trash.

My Garmin wanted me to take US 2 to VT 78, to I-89. Instead, I decided to come back via the island route through and across Lake Champlain—US 2 to I-89.

I stopped along the way and took a couple of pictures of Vermont across Lake Champlain.

After that, I basically headed directly to Manchester… about a 4 hour drive. For dinner, I decided to hit a place called Simon’s Pizza & Roast Beef. This part of the world is famous for rare roast beef sandwiches. I also had a Caesar salad. Meh. The salad was too wet, and the sandwich was too dry. I fixed the latter by adding some mayo.

Tomorrow, I set a course for Maine. I’ll be renting a 3-bedroom house in Hancock, Maine… just a stone’s throw from Acadia NP. Well… if one has a very strong throwing arm.

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